Lessons and Coaching

Levels:      From total beginners or intermediate to advanced players looking for coaching

Styles:      Pop, jazz, rock, funk, latin, fusion 

Exams:     Coaching for admission exams to Conservatorium

Our services

Individual lesson

One-on-one teaching, with a personalized learning aproach, taylored to achieve the personal goals of each student. The duration of each lesson can vary: 30' or 60' min. on a weekly base, or 60' min every two weeks.


Purchase 10 lessons- get 1 free!

If you purchase a package of 10 lessons, you will get the 11th lesson free of charge.

Skype Lessons

I offer Skype lessons so that you can have a lesson from the comfort of your own home. Skype lessons are simple and effective! All you need is a phone with internet connection, an (electric) drumset or a practice pad. 

Bring a Friend

If you refer a friend for a trial lesson, you will get 5 euros off of your next lesson! Even better, if the friend signs-up for more lessons, you will get 2 lessons of 30 minutes for free! 

Coaching session

If you are stuck on a particular technique, need some help with reading, transcribing or you're looking for new motivation, feel free to contact me for a coaching session! 

Band coaching

Meant for band and groups. Musicians will be coached to develop their role within a band / musical ensamble. The band will be guided and coached to develop how to "play together", improve their presentation, and be better prepared for up-coming performances.