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Starry night - Unknown Artist
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26-2 short - Unknown Artist
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Greg's Tune - Unknown Artist
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Feel better - Unknown Artist
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Metropolitan undiscovery - Unknown Artist
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Bros playin' across, by GrePol M.af.i.a. ©2011

Produced by GrePol m.af.i.a.

Recorded by Michael Heidmann at Public Peace Studios, Aldenhoven, (DE)

Mixed and mastered by Ron van Stratum



Soon available on iTunes.


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Organ trio - Invitation

Zanae trio - Spliktouras

Serious Nonsense 4tet

Organ trio - Softly as in a morning sunrise

Yule Sun 4tet - En Marche

Yule Sun trio - When we lost the passion

Ramaekers Van Uum Kosmidis - Fungii mama

Twin trio - Stella by starlight

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GrePol M.af.i.a.