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At Kosmos Drumschool, we focus on individual learning independence. That means that from day one, students are taught how to practice effectively, and how to read music, so that they can practice at home. 

We also offer separate technique lessons in an online group setting so that students can focus on learning and perfecting new techniques in a cost effective way. 

Below you can find the books that you will see throughout your lesson journey, to set you up for success. 

Curious about how your first lesson would look? Please scroll down. 

Your first lesson

At Kosmos Drumschool we always start with a free trial lesson of about 30 minutes, to introduce you to the lessons, the materials and drumming in general if you are a new starter. 

Beginners will start playing on the drums the very first lesson, starting with the basics. You will also get some tips and tricks for practicing at home, as well as getting the option to sign up for more lessons. 


For more advanced drummers, we will use the trial lesson to assess skills and gaps and make an action plan to get you where you want to be.

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