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Upcoming Events

  • COVID 19- all concerts cancelled

Past Events

  • Jazz at Theater Posa with Elvis Sergo
    Theater Posa
  • Internationale Jazz Concerten Serie met De Yule Sun 4tet
    Aan Ut Water
  • Grada Jazz & Joy band in de Kantine Lelystad
    De Kantine
  • MeddJazz Trio at OLI MAZI
  • Jazz Concerts Series in Aan Ut Water
    Aan Ut Water
  • Jazz at Merphy's Law in Den Haag with the Alkistis Lampropoulou 4tet
    Murphy's Law
  • Jazz at Cafe Alto in Amsterdam with the Moving Forward Jazz 4tet
    Jazz Café Alto
  • Jazz in Aan ut water met de Moving Forward 4tet
    Aan ut Water Lelystad
  • Cuarteto Clave Jazz at Cafe Alto
    Jazz Café Alto
  • Picnic & Jazz in Almere
    Picnic & Jazz
  • Jazz Jam session at Familia
  • Yule Sun 4tet
  • Jazz Jam session at Familia
  • Guitar Trio in Muiden
  • Jazz and Blues Weekend in Almere
  • Jazz Jam session at cafe Familia
  • Jazz Jam sessie in G wine
  • Dimitrios Kosmidis Organ trio
    's Hertogenbosch
  • Dimitrios Kosmidis Organ trio
  • Jazz Jam session at cafe Familia with Ildo Nandja 4tet
    Familia Maastricht Restaurant/Grand Cafe
  • Dimitrios Kosmidis trio @ cafe op 2
    Stadhuisplein 2
  • Jazz session at the Duke with Ildo Dandja 4tet
    Café Duke
  • Jazz jam with Greg Torunski at cafe Familia
  • Jazz Session at Jack and White in Maastricht
    Hoenderstraat 11
  • Jazz jam session with Sam Comerford at cafe Familia
  • Jazzoholics in Dilbeek
  • Jazz Jam session at cafe Familia

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